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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Some flowers from 17th & 18th June

Walking through Ringstead Downs and Holme Dunes I was amazed how many plants had come into flower while I had been in the Peak District. Perhaps the most obvious were the large numbers of orchids at Holme - Southern Marsh, Early Marsh (mostly coccinea), Common Spotted, and all the possible hybrids!  There were also a good number of Bee Orchids, but they were more scattered and I had to look harder to find them, some in places where they haven't been before. The Marsh Helleborines were just coming into flower.  The old dunes also had impressive "carpets" of Hare's-foot Clover, Bird's-foot Trefoil and Hop Trefoil.  The patches of Grey Hair-grass seemed to have survived the December surge. Matted and Common Sea-lavender were beginning to colour the saltmarshes in their shades of pink and purple.

Squinancywort at Ringstead Downs

Hoary Plantain at Ringstead Downs

Dropwort at Ringstead Downs

Marsh Helleborine at Holme Dunes

Common Meadow-rue at Holme Dunes

Grey Hair-grass at Holme Dunes

Sea Bindweed at Holme Dunes

Red-leaved Rose Rosa ferruginea at Holme Dunes

A "carpet" of Hare's-foot Clover at Holme Dunes

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