"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Monday, 2 June 2014


Today and yesterday were great days for beetles. Here's eight of the best.....................

Twenty-two spot Ladybird, Holme Marsh, 2nd June 2014

Lesser Stag Beetle, Hunstanton (garden), 2nd June 2014

Swollen-legged Beetle, Oedemera nobilis, Holme Marsh, 2nd June 2014

Dune Tiger Beetle, Holme NWT, 2nd June 2014

Wasp Beetle, Holme Marsh, 2nd June 2014

A carrion beetle, Necrodes littoralis, Holme NOA, 1st June 2014

Eighteen-spot Ladybird, Myrrha 18-guttata, Holme NWT, 1st June 2014

A leaf beetle on Greater Willowherb, Holme Marsh, 2nd June 2014

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