"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Off Patch: two longhorns from Brett's Wood

Black-spotted Longhorn Rhagium mordax, Bretts Wood, 27th January 2020

Two-banded Longhorn Rhagium bifasciatum,  Bretts Wood, 27th January 2020

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Off Patch: three from Great Hockham

Denroxina quadrimaculata, Great Hockham, 20th January 2020

Marpissa muscosa, Great Hockham, 20th January 2020

Carabus granulatus, Great Hockham, 20th January 2020

Some more patch marine Molluscs

American Piddock, Petricolaria pholadiformis, Old Hunstanton, 25th January 2020

Razor Shell, Ensis magna, Old Hunstanton, 25th January 2020 (= E. arcuata)

American Jacknife Razor Clam, Ensis directus, Old Hunstaotn, 25th January 2020

Lagoon Cockle, Cerastoderma glauca, Lavender Marsh, Holme NWT, 25th January 2020

Periwinckle, Littorina littorea, Hunstanton, 21st January 2020

Blunt Gaper, Mya truncata, Hunstanton, 21st January 2020

Sand Gaper, Mya arenaria, Hunstanton, 21st January 2020

Edible Mussel, Mytilus edulis, Hunstanton, 21st January 2020

Thick Trough Shell, Spisula solida, Hunstanton, 21st January 2020

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Some patch marine Molluscs

Oval Piddock Zirfaea crispata, Holme NWT, 28th December 2014

Whelk, Buccinium undatum, Holme NWT, 3rd March 2018

Blunt Gaper, Mya truncata, Holme NWT, 2nd March 2014

Horse Mussel, Modiolus modulus, Holme NWT, 2nd March 2014

Common Cockle, Cerastoderma edule, Holme NWT, 2nd March 2014

American Razor Clam, Ensis directus, Holme NWT, 2nd March 2014

Black/Veriegated Scallop, Chlamys varia, Holme NWT, 2nd March 2014

 Chiton, Lepidochitona cinereus, Hunstanton, 10th October 2016

Little Cuttlefish, Sepiola atlantica,  Holme NWT, 8th September 2014

Painted Top-shell Calliostoma zizphinum, Holme NWT, 4th March 2018

Dog Whelk eggs Nucella lapillus, Holme NWT, 2nd February 2015

Periwinckle, Littorina littorea, Hunstanton, 8th March 2014

American Slipper Limpet, Crepidula fornicata, - a very unusual form off driftwood, looking superficially like Chinaman's Hat, Calyptaea chinensis, Holme NWT, 25th February 2017

Saturday, 4 January 2020

A Waxwing in Holme village

Waxwing, Holme, 4th January 2020

Hawkweed Gall

Gall on Narrow-leaved Hawkweed caused by the Cynipid wasp Aulacidea hieracii, Holme NWT, 4th January 2020

Four December fungi Patch and Off Patch

Meadow Coral Clavulinopsis corniculata, Holme NWT (forestry) 7th December 2019

Toothed Crust Basidioradulum radula, Bawsey Pits, 9th December 2019

Clavaria argillacea or Clavulinopsis helvola/C. luteoalba, Bawsey Pits (on heath), 9th December 2019

Yellow Brain, Roydon Common, 23rd December 2019

Thursday, 2 January 2020