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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

More invertebrates 17th & 18th June

Walks at Ringstead Downs and Holme Dunes produced a selection of invertebrates despite the imperfect weather. At the Downs  a few butterflies were in flight including the first Ringlets and Meadow Browns for the transect. I managed to identify a small chafer as Omaloplia ruricola.
At Holme it was again too windy and cloudy for many butterflies but there were good numbers of Small Heath as well as Meadow Browns and Ringlets. I came across a number of caterpillars, especially near paths. There were quite large numbers of small Cinnabar moth and Brown-tailed moth caterpillars. Also identified a small spider, Comb-footed Spider Enoplognatha ovata, (yellow-bodied variety) but couldn't get a photo.

Garden Tiger moth caterpillar

Drinker moth caterpillar

Large White butterfly caterpillar

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet


Omaloplia ruricula (a small chafer)

Hairy / Sloe shieldbug


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