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Monday, 30 June 2014

Invertebrates, 30th June 2014

Some nice moths in my Hunstanton trap and in the NOA traps this morning, whilst late morning to mid afternoon on Redwell and Holme Marshes produced at least seven species of Soldierfly, a stunning Deerfly and a myriad beetles and bugs - mostly thanks to Steve Lane's finding and ID skills. The only new plant in flower was Narrow-leaved Water-plantain, but the first Gatekeeper (just one seen) and Common Darters were out and about (3 seen).  The non-soldierfly highlight was undoubtedly Rhinocyllus conicus, a weevil swept from Spear Thistle on the edge of Redwell Marsh - only the third Norfolk record.

Miller, Hunstanton, 30th June 2014

Grey/Dark Dagger, 30th June 2014

Gatekeeper, Redwell Marsh, 30th June 2014

Rhynocillus conicus, Redwell Marsh, 30th June 2014: the 3rd Norfolk record !

Scallop Shell, Holme NOA, 30th June 2014

Three-lined Soldier, Oxycera trilineata, Redwell Marsh, 30th June 2014

Twin-lobed Deerfly, Chrysops relictus Baker's Carr, 30th June 2014

Cheilosia illustrata, Baker's Carr, 30th June 2014

Alder Spittlebug, Aphrophora alni, Redwell Marsh, 30th June 2014

Drak-winged Black Pachygaster atra, Redwell Marsh, 30th June 2014

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