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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Flower favourites

Working at Holme Dunes today gave me the opportunity to view three of my favourite, but very different, flowers.
First, while checking the ponies in the West Field I noticed several plants of Grass Vetchling. Although, as the name implies, the leaves merge in with the grasses, the bright crimson single flowers shine out.
Second, while walking the butterfly transect I encountered good numbers of Marsh Helleborines in full flower. Although the plants give the general impression of dirty white, on closer inspection each flower is incredibly detailed - debatably the best flower of all our orchids.
Third, when walking behind the dunes towards Thornham estuary I passed by  a patch of Sea-holly plants, a few of which had flowering heads. A truly unique British wild flower, surprisingly a member of the Apiaceae (Carrot Family).
Other items of interest today were some plants of Wild Onion on Thornham Bank, a young Lapwing strolling in front of Hide 3 and a beautiful bright orange Dark-green Fritillary in the dunes (which flew away and hid before I could get my camera on to it!)

 Grass Vetchling Lathyrus nissolia
Marsh Helleborine Epipactis palustris
Sea-holly Eryngium maritimum

Young Lapwing

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