"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Another pine aphid

Active Grey Pine-needle Aphid, Eulachnus rileyi , Holme NWT, 18th November 2017 - grey form, brown form and a waxy individual

Pine-cone Bug

Pine-cone Bug Gastrodes grossipes, Holme NWT, 18th November 2017

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Two leafhoppers

Zygina flammigera, Green Bank (off Blackthorn), 13th November 2017

Eupteryx urticae, Green Bank (off nettle), 13th November 2017

Monday, 13 November 2017

Three dune fungi

Dune Brittlestem, Psathyrella ammophila, Holme NWT, 5th November 2017

Dune Cavalier, Melanoleuca cinereifolia, Holme NWT, 11th November 2017

Poronia erici, Holme NWT, 5th November 2017

Snowy Waxcap

Snowy Waxcap Hygrocybe virginea var virginea, Holme NOA, 13th NOvember 2017

A smart Staphylinid from Green Bank

Tachyporus obtusus, Green Bank, 13th November 2017

Two pine aphids from Holme

Waxy grey pine needle aphid, Schizolachnus pineti, Holme NWT, 13th November 2017

Corsican Pine Aphid, Cinara acutirostris, Holme NWT, 13th November 2017

Hawthorn Shieldbug

Hawthiorn Shieldbug, Green Bank, 13th November 2017

A dune Cortinaria

Cortinaria pratensis, Holme NOA, 13th November 2017

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Two new willow aphids for the patch

Giant Willow Aphid, Tuberolachnus salignus, Holme NWT, 11th November 2017

Plocamaphis flocculosa, Holme NWT, 11th November 2017

Plocamaphis flocculosa, Holme NWT, 13th November 2017

P. flocculosa and T. saligus together on same branch, Holme NWT, 13th November 2017

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Two smart fungi

Geastrum corontaum, Holme NWT, 24th September 2017

Sycamore Tar Spot, Ringstead Downs, 24th September 2017

Dark Spectacle

Dark Spectacle, Holme NOA, 23rd September 2017

Off Patch: a selection form September & October

Autumnal Rustic, Weeting Heath, 16th October 2017

L-album Wainscot, Weeting Heath, 16th October 2017

Small Bloody-nosed Beetle, Dunwich Heath, Suffolk, 13th October 2017

Panagaeus bipustulatus, Heach north dunes, 11th October 2017

The ladybird Platynaspis luteorubra, Cley, 9th October 2017

Apion frumentarium, Cley, 9th October 2017

Red-necked Phalarope, Kelling Water Meadow, 9th October 2017

Araneus quadratus, Roydon Common, 2nd October 2017

Heather Ladybird, Roydon Common, 2nd October 2017

Fly Agaric, Roydon Common, 2nd October 2017

Wangford Warren, 2:50pm, 16th October 2017 - the storm approaches !

The Mallow

The Mallow, Holme NWT, 15th October 2017


Hedgehog, Ringstead Downs, 29th September 2017

A new Tenebrionid and a new Dermestid beetle for the patch

Xanthomus pallidus (Tenebrionidae), Hunstanton, 11th October 2017

Bacon Beetle, Dermestes lardarius, Holmhurst Track, 18th September 2017

New England Aster - new for the patch

New England Aster or Hairy Michaelmas Daisy, Aster novae-angliae, Old Hunstanton (orchid slacks), 27th October 2017 - a nice find by Phil Amies

Spotted Redshank and Bearded Tit

Spotted Redshank, Thornham Harbour, 8th October 2017

Bearded Tit, Holme NOA, 8th October 2017

Three autumn dune fungi

Sand Stinkhorn, Phallus hadriani Holme NWT, 30th September 2017

Arched Earthstar Geastrum fornicatum, Holme NWT, 8th October 2017

Dune Cup, Peziza ammophila, Holme NWT, 3rd November 2017

Thursday, 26 October 2017

New plant for the patch?

Walking through the pines at Holme Dunes today I found 4 plants of a Mullein.   They were growing at the eastern end of the pines just to the north of the path, where the dead pines had been cut down.  The plants show characteristics of Moth Mullein Verbascum blattaria and of Twiggy Mullein Verbascum virgatum. I think I will have to return to look at the distribution of simple stalked glandular hairs.

This photo shows the single flower in each bract and also the globular capsule fruits.
This photo shows the 2 decurrent-fixed anthers and the 3 transverse-fixed anthers and the stamens with purple hairs, but it also shows that the pedicels are shorter than the sepals.

This photo shows the dark shiny green, toothed leaves.  The lower leaves are narrowed to the base and the upper leaves are stalkless and cordate at base.