"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Monday, 10 March 2014

What a difference a day makes

In contrast to yesterday's sweltering heat, today was downright cold: a stiff north to north-east wind nagged away at the coast and brought thick cloud for much of the day. The cloud had prevented temperatures falling too much during the night though and I caught 2 Common Quakers and a Beautiful Plume in the trap. A walk across Redwell Marsh early this morning produced several toads heading slowly to their breeding pools whilst over the dunes flew some unseen Crossbills heading west with the wind. A Chiffchaff sang rather feebly in the 'forestry' but there was little other activity. I drove through the village as I left and a very smart-looking Stoat scampered along the verge ahead of me. I headed to the downs for some shelter and found the first Lesser Celandines in flower at the base of the south-facing slopes, amidst masses of Sweet Violet, Common Field Speedwell and Ground Ivy which now flowering patchily in the most sheltered and sunny spots, together with a rather sluggish, cold-looking queen Red-tailed Bumblebee.

 Lesser Celandine, Ringstead Downs, 10th March 2014

Sweet Violet - a pale one amidst the hordes of violet specimens, Ringstead Downs, 10th March 2014

Ground Ivy, Ringstead Downs, 10th March 2014

Red-tailed Bumblebee queen, Ringstead Downs, 10th March 2014

Common Field Speedwell, Ringstead Downs, 10th March 2014

Beautiful Plume, Amblyptillia acanthodactylaHunstanton, 10th March 2014

Common Quaker, Hunstanton, 10th March 2014

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