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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dune Flora

I spent about an hour today walking through the dunes at Holme looking for any of the small spring-emergents in flower. As these are all very small plants, especially in dunes, I had to look very carefully. However it wasn't too difficult to spot Common Whitlow-grass since there were so many of them in flower, in places forming a little white carpet. There were not so many Hairy Bitter-cress in the dunes but there was a good showing of them in the VC car park. This was also the first place I looked for the diminutive plants of Early Forget-me-not, finding a few plants just beginning to flower and later finding a few in the dunes. I also found a few plants of Little Mouse-ear in flower. Not so difficult to find were the few dandelions in flower!
I also found two lichens in the dunes - Dog Lichen and Trumpet Lichen.
Fortunately I had just returned to my car when the rain arrived!

 Early Forget-me-not  Myosotis ramsissima
Common Whitlow-grass  Erophila verna

Hairy Bitter-cress  Cardamine hirsute

Little Mouse-ear Cerastium semidecandrum

Dog Lichen  Pelrigera canina

Trumpet Lichen  Cladonia fimbriata

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