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Monday, 31 March 2014

Black-necked Grebe!!!

A super find by Andy during WeBS and one which I managed to watch with Gary for almost an hour off the Firs 30 minutes or so later drifting out with the tide.  My 227th Holme bird and my second patch lifer this year following Water Pipit.  In the NOA Sophie had caught an Oak Beauty in last nights trap.  The Sallows in the forestry were buzzing with life with Buff-tailed, Red-tailed, Common Carder and Tree Bumblebee all noted as well as three species of Hoverfly - Criorchina berberina, Eristalis pertinax, Platycheirus albimanus and the latest patch addition along with Tree Bumblebee the Early Longhorn moths.  A colour ringed Redshank was on North field along with 11 Snipe, the Short-eared Owl showed cripplingly well along the entrance track late afternoon, 5 Wheatears on Thornham Bank with two Sand Martins north and a drake Pintail was on Redwell.

Diurnea fagella

Oak Beauty

Early Longhorn moths

Tree Bumblebee

Criorchina berberina - a fantastic Bumblebee mimic!

drake Pintail

Ichneumon wasp species

Short-eared Owl

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