"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cool sunny raptor day

Whilst it wasn't so warm as Sunday, today was a lovely day, with sunny spells and warm out of the cool NE wind. The NE breeze chilled everything down considerably, especially if the sun was hidden!

On arrival at the Beach road, I was immediately greeted by a singing Chiff-Chaff, from the big main car parking area. Plenty of Linnets and Mipits through the dunes and forestry, but nothing to set the pulse racing. I flushed 3 Grey partridge and in the dunes was disappointed to see how shallow the pools were that supported oodles of spawn last spring!

Quick scans over the grazing marsh and ridge pointed to plenty of Marsh Harrier & Buzzard activity with 6 of each in the air minimum, plus the Harriers in full display and sky dancing!

The grazing marsh pools still held c500 Wigeon, c100 Golden Plover & a mix of wintering and displaying Lapwing.

Up at the Obs a Lesser Redpoll showed well, and after a quick cuppa I settled into scanning the skies. As the sun warmed the air, there was lots of activity, and soon Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Marsh harrier & Buzzard had all been noted high in the skies, then a flashing Peregrine and eventually Steve Chapman pulled out a Red Kite. First over the village, then 15 minutes later nice and close over Thornham Bank. At least 25 Avocet were seen rising and falling from the NWT pools. 

A Dotted Border was the only moth from the traps. I set off to head back, just as 2 Rooks flew low overhead, my first of the year!

Along the River Hun there was lots of Toads, dangerously close to being trod on and many in true pornographic poses! Also 3 Gadwall on Redwell.

Dotted Border 11th March

Small Tortoiseshell 9th March

Rust Gall on Alexanders Puccinia smyrnii 9th March

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