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Monday, 13 January 2014

Incredible Lapwing Movement

Quite out of the blue, on this beautiful day, was a heavy Lapwing movement over Gore Point into the Wash. At least 4,500 birds passed over in the three hours after dawn. I would normally associate a movement like this at this time of year with very cold weather on the continent. But I haven't heard of any and generally there would be other species involved. Any ideas boys?

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  1. Hi Robin, yes i witnessed the movement although sadly I wasn't out at dawn. I had over 1500 from 9am but wasn't careful counting. I think the answer lies in the weather temps & snow in W & SW Norway. Oslo minus 13, Stavanger minus 14 both with heavy snow. See weather maps on met check http://www.metcheck.com/EUROPE/city_forecast_48hrs.asp?location=Stavanger&locationID=28448&lat=59&lon=5.7&countryCode=NO&findtype=