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Thursday, 9 January 2014

A days guiding pays dividends!

Today I was guiding a group of four persons & fortunately was able to spend some of my time around the patch!

I had a round 30 minutes before picking up my group of 4 up, so I took the opportunity to have half an hour on the North prom. Surprising what you can manage in 30 minutes, a 1stwinter Little Gull was just offshore & 3 Pintail flew east & there was enough birds along the shoreline to warrant popping back with the group!

A few minutes later I was back with the group, the shoreline held 200 Brent Geese, Bar-tailed Godwit, Knot, Turnstone, Sanderling & Redshank. We were scoping the c50 Fulmars along the Cliffs when everything went into orbit, the culprit was soon a visible - a very smart male Peregrine. After attempts at a Feral Pigeon, a Redshank & tangling with a Herring Gull he decided to hunt elsewhere. Another addition was a  lovely flock of c50 Snow Bunting flying along the shoreline.

We had a brief foray around Holme in rather poor weather, lots of Wigeon, Teal & 2 Marsh Harrier &  100+ CurlewThe fields nearby produced the highest count of Brown hares this year with 8 in a field.

We finished the day off back at Holme, with superb close ups of Kingfisher & Barn Owl, plus 4 Marsh Harrier roosted & Chinese Water Deer. Here's the Kingfisher video from today!

Chris 112 (sadly all via the minibus!)

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