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Saturday, 7 January 2017

2016 Summary. Part 8: Moths

We recorded 30 species of moth on the patch in 2016 which were new to us since we began recording in 2014:

Sallow Button Acleris hastiana 03.04.2016 Holme NOA
Dark-fringed Flat-body Agonopteryx nervosa 06.09.2016 Hunstanton
Large Nutmeg Apamea anceps 12.06.2016 Hunstanton
Twin-spotted Wainscot Archanara geminipuncta 22.08.2016 Holme NWT
Thrift Neb Aristotelia brizella 23.05.2016 Holme NOA
Sprawler Asteroscopus sphinx 19.11.2016 Ringstead Downs
Common White Wave Cabera pusaria 26.06.2016 NOA
Garden Apple Slender Callisto denticulella 23.06.2016 NOA
White-bodied Conch Cochylis hybridella 13.09.2016 Hunstanton
Coronet Craniophora lagustri 07.08.2016 Holme NOA
Parsnip Moth Depressaria radiella 27.08.2016 Holme NOA
Knapweed Bell Epiblema cirsiana 25.06.2016 Redwell
November Moth (agg) Epirrita dilutata 22.11.2016 Holme NWT
Dotted Ermel Ethmia dodecea 27.06.2016 Ringstead Downs
Wax Moth Galleria mellonella 15.09.2016 Hunstanton
Bulrush Cosmet Limnaecia phragmitella 06.08.2016 Holme NWT
Tawny Pinion Lithophane semibrunnea 24.09.2016 Holme NWT
Smoky-barred Marble Lobesia abscisana 26.07.2016 Hunstanton
Black Arches Lymantria monacha 14.08.2016 Holme NOA
Garden Cosmet Mompha subbistrigella 08.06.2016 Hunstanton
Garden Midget Phyllonorycter messaniella 23.05.2016 Holme NOA
Triangle Plume Platyptila gonodactyla 08.06.2016 Hunstanton
White Plume Pterophorus pentadactyla 26.07.2016 Hunstanton
Common Purple & Gold Pyrausta purpuralis 27.06.2016 Ringstead Downs
Base-lined Grey Scoparia basistrigalis 23.06.2016 NOA
Sulphur Pearl Sitochroa palealis 05.08.2016 Holme NOA
Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis 30.07.2016 NOA
Lemon Bell Thiodia citrana 15.07.2016 Hunstanton
Fulvous clothes moth Tinea semifulvella 21.06.2016 NOA
Black-tipped Ermine Yponomeuta plumbella 12.08.2016 Holme NOA

This brings the total number of moths recorded by us on the patch since 2014 to 612:

New in 2016 New in 2015

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