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Saturday, 7 January 2017

2016 Summary. Part 7: Hymenoptera

We recorded 58 species of Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps) in 2016 which were new to us since we began recording in 2014:

Andrenidae Andrena barbilabris 07.05.2015 Holme NWT
Andrenidae Andrena flavipes 20.03.2016 Ringstead Downs
Andrenidae Andrena haemorrhoa 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Andrenidae Andrena nigroaenea 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Andrenidae Andrena ovatula 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Apidae Andrena thoracica 15.07.2016 Holme NWT (Firs)
Apidae Bombus campetris 07.08.2016 Ringstead Downs
Apidae Bombus hortorum 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Apidae Bombus ruderatus 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Apidae Bombus rupestris 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Apidae Coelioxys conoidea 15.07.2016 Holme NWT (Firs)
Apidae Coelioxys elongata 15.07.2016 Holme NWT (Firs)
Apidae Coelioxys inermis 22.08.2016 NOA
Apidae Epeolus cruciger 31.07.2016 Holme NWT (Firs)
Apidae Hylaeus dilatatus 27.06.2016 Ringstead Downs
Apidae Megachile maritima 15.07.2016 Holme NWT (Firs)
Chrysididae Chrysis ignita 13.06.2016 Hunstanton Allotments
Chrysididae Chrysis mediata 24.09.2016 Holme NOA
Chrysididae Chrysis mediata or rutiliventris 11.07.2016 Holmhurst Track
Chrysididae Chrysura radians 25.06.2016 Redwell
Chrysididae Galerucella sagittariae 11.07.2016 Redwell Marsh
Chrysididae Hedychridium ardens 23.05.2016 Holme Dunes/Pines
Colletidae Colletes hederae 02.10.2016 Old Hunstanton
Colletidae Hyalaeus pictipes 21.08.2016 Holme NWT
Crabronidae Crassocerus megacephalus 04.05.2016 Holme Dunes NWT
Crabronidae Crossocerus podagricus 11.07.2016 Holmhurst Track
Crabronidae Crossocerus quadrimaculatus 15.07.2016 Holme NOA area
Crabronidae Ectemnius cavifrons 22.08.2016 NOA
Crabronidae Ectemnius continuus 21.08.2016 The Firs
Crabronidae Gorytes quadrifasciatus 31.07.2016 Holme Dunes NWT
Crabronidae Oxybelus uniglumis 27.06.2016 Ringstead Downs
Crabronidae Tachysphex nitidus 23.05.2016 Holme Dunes/Pines
Formicidae Lasius alienus 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Halictidae Sphecodes epphipus 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Ichneumonidae Achaius oratorius 24.09.2016 Holme NWT
Ichneumonidae Dusona falcator 24.09.2016 Holme NWT
Ichneumonidae Ichneumon stramentor 21.03.2016 Holme NOA
Ichneumonidae Ophion obscuratus 23.05.2016 Holme Dunes/Pines
Ichneumonidae Ophion scutellaris 04.04.2016 Holme NOA
Lasioglossidae Lasioglossum albipes 24.09.2016 Holme Dunes
Lasioglossidae Lasioglossum leucopus 07.08.2016 Ringstead Downs
Lasioglossidae Lasioglossum morio 22.04.2016 Ringstead Downs
Lasioglossidae Lasioglossum villosulum 25.03.2016 Ringstead Downs
Megachilidae Megachile willughbiella 31.07.2016 Holme NWT
Megachilidae Osmia aurulenta 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Megachilidae Osmia spinulosa 27.06.2016 Ringstead Downs
Nematinae Hoplocampa crataegi 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Nematinae Mesoneura opaca 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Nomadidae Nomada flava 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Nomadidae Nomada rufipes 07.08.2016 Ringstead Downs
Nomadidae Nomada signata 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Pompilidae Anoplius viaticus 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Siricidae Sirex noctilio 12.09.2016 The Firs
Sphecidae Podalonia hirsuta 09.05.2016 Old Hunstanton
Tenthredinidae Aglaostigma aucupariae 03.04.2016 Holmhurst Track (north end)
Tenthredinidae Dolerus picipes 27.06.2016 Ringstead Downs
Tenthredinidae Pachynematus clitellatus 11.07.2016 Redwell Marsh
Xiphydriidae Xiphydria prolongata 11.07.2016 Redwell Marsh

This brings the total number of Hymenoptera recorded on the patch by us since 2014 to 126

New in 2016 New in 2015

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