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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Off patch highlights 2015

Steve (left) & Andy (right) turning rocks in the River Glaven looking for fish, crayfish and inverts.
Over the course of the year, as well as thrashing the patch, we had field trips around the county mainly focused around the Brecks, Broads and North Norfolk coast. We visited STANTA twice, both times assisting Rob Hawkes with his PhD studies and Darren Mann and Steve Lane in finding dung beetles. We also took part in the National Trust's Bioblitz of its Brancaster estate, joining Neil Lawton, Mike Rooney and John Williamson on Scolt Head and spent various other days inverting and botanising in the Brecks and North Norfolk.

A small selection of images...

Marsh Warbler, Narborough, June.  Quite probably my bird of the year due to its mimicry alone!
Purple Milk Vetch, Cranwich Camp, June.  One of many cool species seen during a afternoon botanising
Fen Potter Wasp, Sutton Fen
Great Silver Diving Beetle, Sutton Fen.  Unfortunately No water Stick insect.
Glow Worm, Dersingham Bog
Antlion, Burnham Overy Dunes.
Starlet Sea Anemone, Salthouse
Bullhead, River Glaven
Keeled Skimmer, Holt Lowes
Bird's-nest Orchid, N. Norfolk
In 2016 we plan to continue hitting the patch - focusing our attention towards the less well-recorded taxa on the patch (Spiders, Lichens and Leafhoppers), try out the new guide to Bees, mop up some dips from 2015 (Nebria livida), get out more onto the local heaths of Dersingham Bog and Roydon Common and spend a warm summers evening watching the giant Tanner Beetle.

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