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Thursday, 17 December 2015

North meets South: Iceland Gull and Ocean Sunfish

A lunchtime stroll today produced the goods at Holme. First I flushed an Iceland Gull from high on the shore at Gore Point - my first here in many, many years and then, on going to check whether there was anything of interest near where the gull had been standing, I found a dead Ocean Sunfish - long dead, in tatters and rather smelly. Its rather worrying that at least two Sunfish should be so far north in our waters and more worrying still that they died. Interestingly, there cant be many occasions when a bird from the far north gets to feed on something from the far south. I hope Robert can post better pictures than I.

Iceland (and Great Black-backed) Gull, Gore Point, 17th December 2015

Ocean Sunfish, Gore Point, 17th December 2015

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