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Monday, 14 December 2015

Back to patch!

Today we had the rare opportunity to go out on some of the grazing marshes at Holme which is probably the most under recorded area on the reserve and where a few patch firsts probably lurk.  The main aim of the day was recording the aquatics that frequent the ditches and ponds out there but to be honest after an hour or so the catches were very repetitive and lack a patch first.  Steve located a Moles castle, dug the nest out and sieved it...this resulted in what is potentially a Norfolk first!  It was the small Staph' Achenium depressum.  Earlier this morning Steve sieved some tidline refuge and took two Water Beetles(!) and several Aphodius contaminatus - what are they doing out there?

Achenium depressum, NWT Holme Dunes (Grazing marsh), 14th December 2015
Following a report of Sunfish washed up on Hunstanton Beach the four searched with the failing lights this afternoon to no avail.

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