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Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday 28th April 2014

By recent standards, a reasonable haul in the moth trap this morning:

Shuttle-shaped Dart 5
Nutmeg 1
Hebrew Character 1
Cabbage 1
Early Grey 1
Common Plume 1
Light Brown Apple Moth 2
Least Black Arches 2
Brindled Pug 1

Chris' trap held nothing at all but the NOA traps had about 6 Yellow Belles, 2 Muslin, 2 Pine Beauties , a Waved and Small Waved Umber, Cinnabar, Angle Shades, Powdered Quaker and a Red Twin-spot Carpet amongst others.

Plants new in flower today (for me) were Small-flowered Cranesbill (Ive certainly overlooked them amongst the Storksbill in the dunes until this morning), Sheep's Sorrel and Goatsbeard.

Birds were rather few and far between, with the first Whinchat perched on the North Field fences stealing the show, with back-up in the form of about 6 Wheatears and a few fly-over Yellow Wagtails. Two small parties of 5-6 Eider were close inshore and a lingering Great Crested Grebe was off Gore Point. A party of 12 adult Gannets heading westwards made a fine sight.

Sea Campion, Holme NWT, 28th April 2014

Columbine, Holme NWT, 28th April 2014

Muslin, Holme NOA, 28th April 2014

Yellow Belle, Holme NOA, 28th April 2014

Red Twin-spot Carpet, Holme NOA, 28th April 2014

Goatsbeard, Holme NWT, 28th April 2014

Sheep's Sorrel, Holme NWT, 14th April 2014

Adderstongue, Holme NWT, 28th April 2014

Least Black Arches, Hunstanton, 28th April 2014

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