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Friday, 4 April 2014

Black Burying Beetle

This beast appeared under my moth trap last night - Nicrophorus humator, the Black Sexton or Burying Beetle. There are six species in this genus apparently, but this is the only one which is all black, with orange-clubbed antennae. Not the greatest picture I'll admit !

Black Burying Beetle,  Nicrophorus humator, Hunstanton, 4th April 2014

Actually in the trap were 8 Early Greys, 3 Common Quakers, a Small Quaker, a Chestnut and a Hebrew Character.

In Chis's trap pretty similar 3 early Greys, 13 Common Quaker, 3 Small Quaker, 1 Hebrew Character.

Nothing happening at the Cliffs, other than a Brambling flew over.

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