"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Scalloped Hazel and other moths

A small but nice moth catch last night in my Hunstanton garden: 15 Light Brown Apples, Green Carpet, 4 Shuttle-Shaped Darts, Waved Umber, Small Elephant Hawk, Buff-tip, Brimstone, Sulphur Tubic, my first Bright-line Brown-eye, Heart and Club and Rustic Shoulder Knot of the year and my first ever Scalloped Hazel.

Rustic Shoulder-Knot, Hunstanton, 16th May 2014

Scalloped Hazel, Hunstanton, 16th May 2014

Bright-line Brown-eye, Hunstanton, 16th May 2014

Buff-tip, Hunstanton, 16th May 2014

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