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Monday, 9 April 2018

The South Beach Parallel Lines

The Parallel Line of South Beach in their glory

Discovered as recently as today, 9th April 2018, these remarkable features on the South Beach at Heacham, Norfolk, have evidently gone quietly unnoticed for millennia. Today's discovery came moments into a visit by the modestly unassuming but acute observer, famous ethno-geometrician Phil Amies.

As idling coleopterists stood in thrall, Professor Amies announced that he could discern a series of astonishingly well-preserved, precision lines, each running parallel to the others but directly across the sands and - most amazingly, perpendicular to the strand- and shore-line.

Comparisons with the Nazca lines of the Chilean Atacama are immediately obvious and one can only wonder at the ingenuity which will have been required to produce these ancient artefacts. Whereas the South American lines can only really be appreciated from space, the South Beach lines have the advantage that they can also clearly be seen from the the top of the taller sand dunes which guard the entrance to the great embayment of The Wash.

Noting that the find adds to the recent discoveries of the Snettisham torc, Holme's sea-henge and wasp-henge and of early 'Hunstanton' Man and further cements the area's outstanding cultural significance, Professor Amies remarked that he "really should stand around on the dunes more often".

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