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Saturday, 3 February 2018

More local vandalism...

    The owners of the "Old Smithy" thought it would be a nice idea to remove all the Ivy along this wall. Let's hope the wall is nicely point up, and the ivy allowed to grow back. We are however led to believe it's to be knocked down, and rebuilt!! Along with the Hun River damage, when are new arrivals to this beautiful village going to be sympathetic to the areas architecture and enviroment?

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  1. Sadly this is happening far to often in Holme next the sea.The secretary of state turned down the application for planning permission behind the wall.The wall was accepted to be considered for listing but sadly did not meet all the criteria needed.I then contacted KLWN conservation dept sadly they cannot help as it is not within the conservation area.They have said to get back to them if I can find out any information that could be used to protect this wall.The next step is to find more information.I took some photos of this fine old wall last year,and more recently.So if anyone has any information to try to give this fine old wall the protection it needs be great.