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Monday, 13 November 2017

Three dune fungi

Dune Brittlestem, Psathyrella ammophila, Holme NWT, 5th November 2017

Dune Cavalier, Melanoleuca cinereifolia, Holme NWT, 11th November 2017

Poronia erici, Holme NWT, 5th November 2017

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  1. Nice to see this is still present in Norfolk, sadly the Suffolk site at Snape seems to have expired. This is the site where I discovered P. erici was occurring on horse dung which caused a bit of a sensation and meant a lot of New Forest Poronia punctata records had to be re-examined. The Snape site was looked at last year, but the Exmoor Pony's had been removed several years earlier and there was very little left of their dung. But I thought it may be possible P. erici could still be surviving on Rabbit dung so Brian Douglas (Kew) and I literally got down on hands and knees and checked out as much rabbit dung as we could, but after a good few hours had to concede defeat.