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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hunstanton seabird census results for 2017


This year there were 110 AOTs (Apparently Occupied Territories) on the cliffs. They produced a rather miserable 27 chicks between them, the worst productivity (0.245 chicks fledged per pair) since I started counts in 2007.

Herring Gulls

I located 54 pairs with nest this year - a record. However, 21 of them failed (17 were apparently interfered with as the nests subsequently 'disappeared' and 4 pairs apparently ‘deserted' their nests i.e. though nests were present late in the season, there was no sign of adults or young when they might have been expected). The 33 successful pairs produced a rather pathetic 55 young (a productivity of 1.56 chicks per pair) with 6 broods of three, 10 of two and 17 of one chick.

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