"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Off Patch: highlights from Grimston Warren and Bawsey Pits

The Groundbug Graptopeltus lynceus, Grimston warren, 29th August 2016

Black Darter, Grimston warren, 29th August 2016

The Carabid Omophron limbatum, Bawsey Pits, 29th August 2016

Golden-tabbed Robberfly Eurolmus rufibarbis, Basey Pits, 29th August 2016


  1. Hi Andy
    Back in 2014 in September (around the 1st) you posted a nice picture of Panagaerus cruxmajor.
    I'm writing a New Naturalist on ponds and wondered if, if you had a high res copy of the picture, it would be possible to use the picture in the book? You may know there's a nice story around Darwin finding this creature.
    It's no prob that there's a finger in the pic - its very good for scale.
    With best wishes
    Jeremy Biggs (Freshwater Habitats Trust)

    1. Hi Jeremy - I do have high res images which I'd be very happy for you to use. Let me have an email address and I'll dig them out and send to you - or suggest a preferred means of sending them. They'll be about 5Mb. ANDY

  2. That's great. Thank you very much.
    My email is jbiggs@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk.
    5mb will go through our email fine.
    By the way - what kind of situation did you find it in? This is a new site isn't it?