"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A stranger on the Ringstead Downs butterfly transect

A warm sunny day found many butterflies on the wing on my butterfly transect at Ringstead Downs today.  A total of 115 butterflies ( 5 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Comma, 1 Common Blue, 1 Large Skipper, 14 Small/Essex Skipper, 3 Gatekeeper, 26 Meadow Brown, 63 Ringlet).
Also on the transect was a stunning male Banded Demoiselle Calopteryx splendens soaking up the sun on a bramble leaf.
Male Banded Demoiselle Calopteryx splendens

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