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Friday, 24 June 2016

Insects and spiders on Wild Parsnip

The Wild Parsnip Pastinaca sativa flowers at Holme Dunes yesterday were smothered in feeding insects, and a couple of spiders hunting them.  At present I do not have the necessary books or knowledge to ID them all and so here are a few for you to name for me!
Thanks to James Emerson again for rapid IDs.

A Hover-fly Chrysotoxum bicinctum

Noon Fly Mesembrina meridiana

Is this a species of Bupestrid beetle? Possibly Chequered Click Beetle Prosternon tessellatum

Two of these spiders were hunting on one of the plants.  I think they could be Large-jawed Orb Web Spiders Tetragnatha montana.

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  1. First one is Chrysotoxum bicinctum, second is Noon Fly (Mesembrina meridiana), the click beetle might be Prosternon tessellatum?