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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Another Sperm Whale!

Yet another washed up alive this morning making it the sixth one to wash up on the British coast and the 29th (happy to be corrected) to be washed ashore, with a 30th floating dead in the southern North Sea this year:

11 Jan, 2 Wangerooge Island, Germany (stomach dissection found limited amount of squid, so not feeding successfully)
12 Jan, 5 Texel, Netherlands
12 Jan, 2 Helgoland, Germany
13 Jan, 1 Busum, Germany
14 Jan, 2 
Texel, Netherlands
14 Jan, 1 Weser River estuary, German Wadden Sea
22 Jan, 1 Hunstanton
23 Jan, 2 Skegness (nr Gibraltar Point), Lincs
24 Jan, 1 Skegness (nr Seacroft), Lincs
25 Jan, 1 Wainsfleet, Lincs.

late Jan1 stranded Blauort Germany, 1 floating in this area
1   Feb, 8 Friedichskoog,
German Wadden Sea
2   Feb, 1 Hemmes de Marck (nr Calais, the southernmost North Sea coast), France
4   Feb, 1 Hunstanton

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