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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Basil Thyme (Violet and White) at Ringstead Downs

I have found Basil Thyme Clinopodium acinos, with its usual violet flowers, on the North bank at Ringstead Downs for a number of years. However, while walking there on Tuesday I found a number of plants with white flowers. These were in a different location from the violet-flowered plants. Most books, including Stace only mention violet flowers, but Simon Harrap does mention both violet and white in his description. Basil Thyme is classed as Vulnerable in the Red List for England.

Violet-flowered Basil Thyme

White-flowered Basil Thyme

The Large Thyme Thymus pulegioides is also in full flower at Ringstead Downs. Most of these plants have the usual pinkish-purple flowers but there are some plants with pale pink flowers and a few plants with white flowers.

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