"For now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see" Neutral Milk Hotel.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

January 1st 2015 - birds and plants in flower

Not the best weather for birding, so 72 bird species was my lowly bird total. Sophie caught a Woodcock in the NOA. Colour on this grey and windy day was provided by 22 species of plants in flower.

Little GrebeMoorhenCollared DoveHouse SparrowDaisy
Great Crested GrebeCootBarn OwlChaffinchEuropean Gorse
Cormorant OystercatcherSkylarkGreenfinchHerb Robert
Little EgretGrey PloverRock PipitGoldfinchRagwort
Grey HeronLapwingPied WagtailLinnet White Dead-nettle
Mute SwanSanderlingWrenTwiteCharlock
Pink-footed GooseDunlinDunnockBullfinchDandelion
Greylag GooseSnipeRobinSnow BuntingGroundsel
Brent GooseWoodcockStonechatYellowhammerWhite Campion
ShelduckBlack-tailed GodwitBlackbirdReed BuntingSmooth Sow-thistle
MallardBar-tailed GodwitFieldfareRed Campion
GadwallCurlewRedwingRed Valerian
ShovelerRedshankMistle ThrushShepherd's Purse
WigeonTurnstoneGoldcrestGreater Periwinckle
TealBlack-headed GullLong-tailed TitFerverfew
Tufted DuckCommon GullBlue TitHogweed
Marsh HarrierHerring GullGreat TitScentless Mayweed
SparrowhawkGreat Black-backed GullCoal TitSmooth Hawksbeard
Red-legged PartridgeRock DoveMagpieAlexanders
PheasantStock DoveJackdawCurled Dock
Water RailWoodpigeonStarlingHarebell
Pot Marigold

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