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Friday, 14 November 2014

Fungi and flowers

An orange fungus growing in grass at Holme Dunes was initially identified as Yellow Club Clavulinopsis helvola. Certainly some of the fruit bodies were this species, with darker orange tips. However some of the fruit bodies had pale yellow tips and I believe that these were Apricot Club Clavulinopsis luteoalba. Apparently these two species occur in mixed colonies along with Handsome Club Clavulinopsis laeticolor.

On Wednesday two of the plant species flowering on the Kit Kat wasteland site at the north end of Seagate Road caught my eye.  One was very noticeable with a number of plants in flower. These were plants of a broom which I have keyed out as Montpellier Broom Genista monspessulana. Apparently this species can become quite invasive in the Mediterranean.

The other plant was much less obvious, nestled against the side of one of the large boulders of carrstone.  It has been identified as Annual Mercury Mercuralis annua.

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  1. The plant that is thought as a goosefoot is Mercurialis annua (Annual Mercury).