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Monday, 1 September 2014

September 1st weevil hunt leads to astonishing discovery

During one of their now regular Monday forays in search of wildlife, Steve Lane and Andy Brown today inadvertently made what must surely be one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in the area since what became known as 'Holme Henge' rose from the Holme sands and (the even more bizarre) Wasp Henge was discerned in the Holme 'forestry' during a hunt for Assassin Bugs. The pair were astonished as they traced the fossilised, though nevertheless unambiguous remains of early Hunstanton-Holme 'man' in the sands at the foot of the famous red and white chalk cliffs at Hunstanton. The find provides archaeologists with their 'missing link' and ends their quest to determine the exact nature of the creatures which must have gathered, on alternate Thursdays, at the two ceremonial grounds known in the area. The remains are symmetrically displayed, clearly indicating that the creature either met its end as a sacrificial offering or fell to its end whilst attempting to plunder the nests of the Fulmars which attend the cliffs in some numbers. Specialists believe the former hypothesis to be hardened fact as the remains are at least 6,500 years old whereas Fulmars did not nest on the cliffs until 1965. 

Holme-Hunstanton Man, Hunstanton 1st September 2014

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