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Sunday, 20 July 2014

More from Ringstead Downs

There are hundreds of plants of Eyebright in flower at Ringstead Downs. There are old records for three species - Euphrasia officinalis, Euphrasia nemorosa and Euphrasia pseudokerneri.  However, identification is extremely difficult, especially as hybridisation is very prevalent.

Eyebright sp.

There are numerous plants of Carline Thistle which are just coming into flower.
Carline Thistle

There are many plants of Field Pansy Viola arvensis in the fallow field by the reserve, but I managed to find this one plant of Wild Pansy Viola tricolor.

There is a lot of Wild Parsnip growing on the valley floor. The flowers attract a lot of insects including hoverflies.
Two hoverflies?? on Wild Parsnip
Lots of grasshoppers are jumping all over the place among the grass. I managed to find one which stayed still long enough for me to take its photograph.

Meadow Grasshopper 


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